Zapp, based in Norfolk in the east of the UK, has unveiled the new electric scooter model that has been teasing the public and the press for the last month.

Zapp i300 features an innovative design that has sacrificed the standard luggage capacity of all mopeds, severely compromising its versatility. Otherwise, Zapp i300 does not differ much from its competitors. Powered by a 14kW (19hp) air-cooled engine, it produces a whopping 587Nm of torque - enough to propel a 90kg electric moped up to 58 kph in 2.4 seconds.

Like most in the segment, the Zapp i300 features regenerative braking with ABS, a 4-piston caliper and 220 mm brake discs at the front and 190 mm at the rear. As for the batteries, they are replaceable and quite compact, the size of a laptop and weighing around 5kg.

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