Vespa Elettrica electric scooter had one big drawback, so the manufacturer unveiled an updated version at the EICMA 2019 exhibition in Milan. The electric scooter is now capable of accelerating up to 70 km/h. According to the manufacturer, the speed has been improved by optimising the electrical components without changing the software.

Speaking of iron. The motor produces 3.6 kW of power (4 kW peak). This is the level of a 50cc scooter. The claimed torque is 200 Nm. Maximum range is 100km. Full recharging from a 220V socket takes 4 hours.

Vespa Elettrica 2020 is a vehicle for urban use.

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Our Review

What I particularly liked about the Vespa Elettrica was the high quality finish and workmanship, and the unusual quietness. The scooter is as technologically advanced as my previous Primavera. The Vespa Elettrica is probably the most anticipated scooter of the last 12 months. Riding the Vespa Elettrica is a confidence booster, the Italian scooter stays true to its tradition of quality and design. I like the new fully digital dashboard which, in addition to the classic speedometer, shows the electric range (in kilometres and percentages).

There are two modes of driving - "performance" and "eco". The first mode is the most convenient. The range in this mode (80 km) is significantly reduced, but the driving dynamics are increased. The Vespa Elettrica brakes well, by the way, but the rear drum doesn't fit modern technology very well in my opinion. The saddle has a nice covering, after the first ride of almost 80km I wasn't the slightest bit tired and I was very satisfied.