Super Soco motorbikes are gaining in popularity, now with the Super Soco TC MAX. It is an electric motorbike, in the 125cc category, which allows a top speed of 100km/h and a maximum range of 110km on a single charge.

Super Soco TC MAX reflects the essence of what makes the Super Soco TC so appealing: a vintage and modern look, reliable mechanics (shock absorbers and disc brakes improved) and a smooth and pleasant ride.

Based on the existing TC, the TC Max is now faster, more powerful, with a longer range, significantly shorter charge time and will still be a legitimate CBT ride.

The TC Max already has a centre-mounted Bosch engine to provide a more balanced ride and handling.

Unlike the TC, the Super Soco TC MAX has a belt-driven transmission.

Super Soco TC MAX has a peak engine power of 5 kW, compared to the 2.9 kW of its predecessor, the Soco TC. This allows it to be safely considered not only for city driving, but also on country roads with a top speed of 100 km/h and an autonomy of 110 km per charge. The torque has also been increased to (170 Nm) to provide reassurance when it comes to getting out of dangerous situations.

The lithium battery is removable: a pleasant surprise, because generally similar 125cc models have a built-in battery. This allows it to be charged from a standard 220V socket, whether at home or in the office. A 100% charge takes about 4 hours. Of course, you can charge the battery without taking it out of the bike, via the included mains transformer. Don't expect to carry the battery with you: the battery weighs almost 20kg.

Keyless scooter starting, the Super Soco TC MAX detects the proximity of the key, you just need to press the central power button to turn it on. The seating height is suitable for all sizes, especially thanks to the adjustable height of the driver cushions. The driver's position, between the roadster and the scrambler, is finally a good one: neither too much forward nor too much back. The stance, however, is more prone than the 45km/h Soco TC version offers. Nevertheless, we don't get the feeling of too much upper body weight on our hands, the scooter remains just as easy to handle.

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Our Review

It's great that it stays fast enough almost to the end. With the cruise control, the simple selector switch and the easy operation, it seems suitable for everyday use. The mid-mounted motor is better for torque and weight distribution. If the battery remains easy to remove, that would be great. With some models, that's half the battle.