Robo S electric moped has a 3000W brushless motor in the rear wheel with 40Ah for you to enjoy your daily rides. Forget about having to put petrol in, repairs...just plug it into the power and go!

Worried it can't keep up with you? Its two 72V/20Ah lithium batteries have an autonomy of up to 130km at a maximum speed of 80km/h. Much more than you need for any urban commute, so you won't need to charge the battery every day - a couple of times a week may be enough.

Thanks to its brushless motor, it allows less wear and tear as it does not produce friction and its consumption is lower, 40% less than other motors, allowing greater savings and longer life.

If we use our finger to unlock our mobile phone, why not use it to start the bike as well? This system allows greater security on the bike. You can register as many fingerprints as you want with the Sunra app, having total control of who can and cannot take your bike. It also has USB 5V for charging your mobile phone and a front compartment and hanger for storing small items.

The LED light system allows you to see the road better at night, avoiding possible dangers on the road.

The 3-speed cruise and reverse gear will make your journeys even more enjoyable. What about when you're parked? It has a parking function that locks the vehicle for greater safety.

What can you do with the app? Lock and unlock the alarm, turn your motorbike on and off, open and close the boot remotely, operate the mute button to silence the vehicle, set up fingerprints and add any others you want, check the vehicle's condition, check the tyre pressure, register new physical keys or Bluetooth keys and decide the pairing distances of Bluetooth accessories.

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