The Niu GT is a retro-styled electric scooter that allows you to spend your time not on traffic but on enjoyable rides. Created by Chinese developers from NIU, it covers up to 100 kilometres on a single charge, with a top speed of 70 km/h. Getting around town is now fast, comfortable and clean. Also called the niu n gt and NQi GT.

The new vehicle looks like a scooter from the eighties. They are available in three colours: black, white and red.

At the front is a round headlamp - an LED light, at the rear is a rectangular shaped headlamp. The scooter is two-seater: there are two handles for the passenger and a glove compartment for the driver, where you can put your phone.

Moped is powered by two detachable Panasonic lithium-ion batteries, weighing 11kg and 14kg. Located under the seat and under the floor, they have a capacity of 35Ah, allowing for a 100-120km journey after one full charge.

Also during braking the engine works as a regenerator, generating energy and storing it in the battery again. In this way, even during driving, energy is replenished, which is then used to continue driving.

The 3 kW capacity allows a maximum speed of 70 km/h, but for some European countries a maximum speed of 45 km/h has been developed, due to speed limits.

There are 3 driving modes to choose from:

  • SPORT - up to 70 km/h (real tests have shown 74 km/h).
  • DYNAMIC - optimal mode for city driving.
  • E-SAVE - maximum range, up to 160 km.

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