Horwin provides the EK3 electric scooter with a smaller brother. The Horwin EK1 comes with reduced power as a small motorcycle and as a moped.

The light-power electric scooter Horwin EK3 , which has been available since autumn 2020, and the reduced-power Horwin EK1, which will be available from January 2021, hardly differ in appearance and dimensions.

45 or 25 km/h fast

The big difference to the EK3 lies in the built-in wheel hub motor. The drive in the new Horwin EK1 has a maximum of 2.8 kW. This means that the new scooter is classified in vehicle category L1e and is therefore classified as a moped or moped. If the moped version is allowed to run at speeds of up to 45 km/h, the EK1 Light moped version is limited to 25 km/h.

Both variants are offered with different batteries. In the standard range (26 Ah) the EK1 can travel up to 70 kilometers, in the extended range version with 40 Ah battery capacity up to 120 kilometers are possible. The EK1 Light even has a range of up to 80 or 140 kilometers. The manufacturer does not provide any information on loading times.

Prices from £2,590

The equipment of the Horwin EK1 includes all-round LED lights, automatic light switch-off delay, cruise control, reverse gear and a helmet storage compartment under the seat. The EK1 is available in the lively colors orange and medium blue as well as in matt black and white.

The prices for the Horwin EK1 and EK1 Light in the standard range variant are each £2,590. Anyone who chooses the Extended Range version for more range will be asked to pay £ 2,890 each.

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Horwin is scaling its EK electric scooter down to the moped and moped categories. This means that there are ranges of up to 120 kilometers at prices from £2,600 .