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KTM EMotion

We already know that KTM is working on an electric platform - probably common to all the group's brands and their strategic partner Bajaj. In November 2019 it was revealed that the Austrians were planning to introduce an electric version of the Bajaj Chetak scooter as the first example of the new platform.


And in July 2020, it turned out that plans had changed. German Motorrad Magazine published that KTM have announced a new project called EMotion. KTM is working on this electric mobility project in cooperation with no less than eleven industrial and scientific partners.

Starting in March 2020, KTM with partners set out in 36 months to create a modular, scalable electric platform - powertrain and battery pack. Kiska Designs have created a concept sketch illustrating a brand new scooter, nothing like the electric Chetak we've seen before.

One of the challenges for the joint project will be closing the gap between electric mopeds and electric scooters/motorcycles. The point is that lightweight and low-powered electric mopeds are quite handy as everyday city transport, but are of little use beyond that due to low speeds and limited range. KTM are interested in developing ways to overcome these limitations - that is, they plan to create lightweight, fuel-efficient, practical and versatile electric scooters. We believe we are talking about electric counterparts of 125- and 150cc machines which have long been the "new mopeds" - the most popular and handy vehicles that are lightweight and fast compared to the 50's but capable of cruising at reasonable speed.

The two partners in the EMotion project, Salzburg Research and the W├╝rzburg Institute for Traffic Research, are surveying people's attitudes and expectations about electric cars.

They are also organising an eight-month test run in which several motorcyclists will be given the electric two-wheelers developed as part of the project for testing and evaluation.


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